Leading European lotteries offer over €80.000.000 this week

Leading European lotteries offer over €80.000.000 tonight

About a week ago, multiple jackpot winners were produced in the US, but lotto enthusiast in Europe weren’t so lucky. Eurojackpot and Euromillions, the most popular games on the continent both rolled over, but that’s good news for all the new players out there. Top prizes jumped up again, providing you with an opportunity to pocket over €80.000.000 in a few hours!

When it comes to Euromillions, the most recent draw that failed to produce a jackpot winner took place on April 4th. The numbers that didn’t transform anyone into a millionaire were 1, 9, 24, 33 and 34, with the Lucky Stars 2 and 6. Tuesday night wasn’t a total debacle, since three participants from the UK, Ireland and France came really close to snatching the jackpot. They netted around €300.000 each after correctly guessing all the main numbers and one of the Lucky Stars. Try becoming even richer than them in tonight’s Euromillions draw – a staggering €83.000.000 cash reward awaits!

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As for Eurojackpot, this game has been rolling over even longer, and it will offer a top prize of similar amount on Friday night – €86.000.000! Exactly a week ago, Eurojackpot players failed to match the numbers 8, 14, 34, 40 and 44, with the bonus balls 1 and 7. March 31st still managed to be a lucky day for four punters who scooped €490.000 each, after missing the jackpot by one of the bonus balls. There were also four winners of an impressive €170.000 pay-out, who correctly guessed the five main numbers.

Draw games aren’t the only way leading to an astonishing fortune – take a spin on Fruit Bonanza to become €212.000 richer!

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