Man finds lotto ticket worth $1.000.000 while cleaning his car

Many lottery prizes go unclaimed because their true winners completely forget where they left the tickets, or that they bought them in the first place. That almost happened to one man from Australia, who found a $1.000.000 lottery ticket while cleaning his car, over a year after purchasing it. Avoid making the same mistake by playing lottery online – Mega Millions is currently offering €89.000.000!

The anonymous Newcastle resident won the $1.000.000 cash reward in Australia’s Saturday Lotto draw on January 9th last year, but only claimed it a couple of days ago. The ticket was hidden under old beer cartons in one of his shopping bags, and he finally found it after exchanging cartons with the new ones.

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“I was cleaning rubbish out of my car on the weekend and thought it was time to put new cartons in the bottom of all my bags as they were starting to get torn and I got quite a surprise! I’m glad I didn’t just get the old bags and take them to the dump!” explained the fortunate man.

The lucky winner said he felt “pretty stupid” for misplacing the ticket for such a long time, but he didn’t feel bad for collecting the money 414 days later. The important thing is he’s got it now, and he already made some plans for the future.

“There’s a few people who are going to benefit from this. I want to help the kids with their house payments and the grandkids with their education. It will smooth the troubled water in front of them,” said the $1.000.000 winner.

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